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The Weekly Cat Has a New Home

You can now read about your cat news at the new Weekly Cat website. There will be an added Cat Spotter and showbiz news. Make sure to tell your friends and we’ll see you there.


Yeah, We Get Stressed Too

When the going gets tough, the cats get spraying. Or so the humans think. But I have to say it’s fairly accurate. When the writers in the Weekly Cat office are stressed everyone is spraying all over the place. Not a pretty sight. But some cats do look for other alternatives.

Read more about the stressed cat and spraying here.

skateboard cat

Some cats in the office like to skateboard when they're stressed.

Image courtesy of Chrisgampat.

Fight Back…or Hide…

There’s been a lot of news on missing cats, and some people think it might be coyotes. You can read more about it here. Obviously this isn’t the case in all areas. But if you are in these dangerous locations, here are some tips.

1) Go around in groups

2) Run

3) Fight back

4) Hide

5) Trick them with cat magic

Better still though. If you live in an area where there might be coyotes, just don’t go out. If your owners open the doors, close it in their face. Stay safe cat friends.

For a more visual guide.

Alone = Bad


Photo courtesy of ASHISH1987.

Hiding together = Good

Stuff on cats

Photo courtesy of Mihnea.

A couple in the UK phone emergency services when their cat had a heart attack. Here is the article. What’s the problem though? We cats need help if we’re having a heat attack too. The paper is making out like it’s a bad thing!

We would never be able to do it for a human though. Not because we don’t like them. It’s because most of the time we have to fight the phone off Poosa.

Poosa Eats Phone

Image courtesy of

We get a lot of films through the Weekly Cat fan mail, but most of them are from humans telling us to watch human movies. We didn’t like Transformers, and we don’t want to watch the new Footloose. But, we do want to see ‘The Future‘. The film is seen through the eyes of a cat, as of yet we aren’t sure who this cat is but when we get an interview we’ll let you know.

More about the film on stltoday.

This week we heard a rumor about a friend of ours going to jail. All week we wondered what he did, cat nip smuggling? Attacking humans? But instead we think it’s just community service for attacking a bird. He will be helping inmates in Lincoln County jail with stress.



Images Online

The Weekly Cat is sorry for its lack of updates recently, we have had some issues with which photos we can use online. That said, we are still updating Twitter and Facebook, so add us there for more cat news and ramblings.

Last Chance to Name New Cat

So the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has a new cat. This is the last evening you will get the chance to name the new kitty so get over to his Facebook page and send your suggestions.

Some of our suggestions were Maple, Canuck and Tory. Though a random name like Larry is always a favorite.

Parents don’t want their kids watching the new Rihanna video. The problem is, if they complain about it and kick up a fuss, more people will watch it. Still, our newest writer is only young, even in cat years, and she got to watch it. We give other young cats the advice of sitting on their owners while on the couch, 9 times out of 10 they won’t move and even use you as an excuse for not doing housework.

We have monster munch in the office, it’s ok, but we all agreed that only eating monster munch is crazy! Surely if you picked something to eat all the time it would be Nik Naks Nice n Spicy.