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There’s only a few of us in the office that gamble. Some like to put a bet on the horses, or the sports they like the best. But most lose and need to take some advice from this gambling kitty.



It’s the Derren Brown of cats!


The news is that Alec Baldwin joined Twitter. Is this really news? I told our reporter and this is the reaction I got.



Here at The Weekly Cat we have nothing against Alec Baldwin. The problem is that there’s MORE IMPORTANT things in the news. Which is ironic because we posted it here.

As you may or may not know, recently a cheetah was found walking around the streets of Abu Dhabi. Not only is this dangerous for the cat but there were probably some people in the area that were trying to run. The young cheetah was found injured, we hope the youngster gets well soon. Read here to find out more.

Data Raps About Cats


Who knew he was such a fan?!

I’m not sure what the people mean in this article we found, but I have lots of art in my house. There is even some around the office. Though if there’s any dog art then I get my cat friends to help pull it down immediately.


Ipad Games For Cats!

Until now the Ipad was pointless for us cats. But today our productivity in the office slowed down because of Ipad has games for cats.

We are too busy playing so to read more click here.

When our staff go out on their lunch sometimes they’re gone for hours. We ask them what they get up to but never get the truth. It seems we aren’t the only ones wondering what’s going on though.New research tracks the secret lives of cats.


We did get a pic of one of our writers on their lunch though.

At the Weekly Cat we don’t like to tell stories that are rude and dirty, it just isn’t the done thing. But, there are always exceptions to the rule and recently we couldn’t help it. I showed a recent picture of Justin Bieber to three editors and got a reaction out of all of them.

This is the picture. And here are the reactions we got.

All three we thinking rude things, though not all of them liked it. Time to go back to being mature. Here is the rest of the story, link.

Katie Price recently demanded compensation after some of hair fell out. We got a picture of her friend Catie Price who is in a similar situation. She wasn’t in the office long though as one of our sports writers started hitting on her.

News article

Surviving The Rapture

At the Weekly Cat we didn’t really believe in the End of Days on May 21st. But there were a couple of us that made sure if it was the end of the world, we were going to go out in style. So a few of us had a get together.

We had catnip, watched some movies and fell asleep right through the whole of the Rapture. Some of the younger crowd didn’t even know anything was going on and were just there to party.

In the end, as you may know, nothing happened and now we are going to hear some excuses. Our conclusion was that the cat god was napping, had their attention distracted by a bit of string or simply couldn’t be bothered with putting the effort in.