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Last Chance to Name New Cat

So the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has a new cat. This is the last evening you will get the chance to name the new kitty so get over to his Facebook page and send your suggestions.

Some of our suggestions were Maple, Canuck and Tory. Though a random name like Larry is always a favorite.


Parents don’t want their kids watching the new Rihanna video. The problem is, if they complain about it and kick up a fuss, more people will watch it. Still, our newest writer is only young, even in cat years, and she got to watch it. We give other young cats the advice of sitting on their owners while on the couch, 9 times out of 10 they won’t move and even use you as an excuse for not doing housework.

We have monster munch in the office, it’s ok, but we all agreed that only eating monster munch is crazy! Surely if you picked something to eat all the time it would be Nik Naks Nice n Spicy.



Yes, the humans have gone all crazy again. A few years ago it was swine flu, with practically every human believing they were going to die. Us cats on the other paw, chilled and laughed as the humans realized they were being over the top.

Now though it’s starting to happen again, with hundreds upon thousands of people throwing out their cucumbers. This is because recently they thought it would increase the risk of E-Coli. You’re wrong again, and before you go all mental on us, put out the food and cat treats so we can survive the scare.

Here’s a couple of our writers showing you there’s nothing to be worried about.

Larry has cucumber for lunch everyday.

One of our editors pretending to be human and going mad.

We heard the news today that a fish jumped in a boat and broke a womans leg. Rather than asking if this woman was ok, most of our writers want to know where the lake is.

It's not the one but we'll catch it in the end.

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