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We get a lot of films through the Weekly Cat fan mail, but most of them are from humans telling us to watch human movies. We didn’t like Transformers, and we don’t want to watch the new Footloose. But, we do want to see ‘The Future‘. The film is seen through the eyes of a cat, as of yet we aren’t sure who this cat is but when we get an interview we’ll let you know.

More about the film on stltoday.


Parents don’t want their kids watching the new Rihanna video. The problem is, if they complain about it and kick up a fuss, more people will watch it. Still, our newest writer is only young, even in cat years, and she got to watch it. We give other young cats the advice of sitting on their owners while on the couch, 9 times out of 10 they won’t move and even use you as an excuse for not doing housework.

There’s only a few of us in the office that gamble. Some like to put a bet on the horses, or the sports they like the best. But most lose and need to take some advice from this gambling kitty.



It’s the Derren Brown of cats!

The news is that Alec Baldwin joined Twitter. Is this really news? I told our reporter and this is the reaction I got.



Here at The Weekly Cat we have nothing against Alec Baldwin. The problem is that there’s MORE IMPORTANT things in the news. Which is ironic because we posted it here.

Data Raps About Cats


Who knew he was such a fan?!

I’m not sure what the people mean in this article we found, but I have lots of art in my house. There is even some around the office. Though if there’s any dog art then I get my cat friends to help pull it down immediately.


Ipad Games For Cats!

Until now the Ipad was pointless for us cats. But today our productivity in the office slowed down because of Ipad has games for cats.

We are too busy playing so to read more click here.

At the Weekly Cat we don’t like to tell stories that are rude and dirty, it just isn’t the done thing. But, there are always exceptions to the rule and recently we couldn’t help it. I showed a recent picture of Justin Bieber to three editors and got a reaction out of all of them.

This is the picture. And here are the reactions we got.

All three we thinking rude things, though not all of them liked it. Time to go back to being mature. Here is the rest of the story, link.

Katie Price recently demanded compensation after some of hair fell out. We got a picture of her friend Catie Price who is in a similar situation. She wasn’t in the office long though as one of our sports writers started hitting on her.

News article

Someone said to me the other day, ‘are The Weekly Cat reporting on the Royal Wedding?’ My answer at the time was no because it’s boring, but after all it’s big news, apparently. So I sent my best young writers to completing the task and this is what I got.

So in the end, even though the Royal Wedding is boring and is altogether pointless, I had to get my most experienced and patient freelance feline to help me out. Though when I called him in he wasn’t best pleased as he recently retired.

'You're gonna get me to write about the wedding aren't you?'