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A couple in the UK phone emergency services when their cat had a heart attack. Here is the article. What’s the problem though? We cats need help if we’re having a heat attack too. The paper is making out like it’s a bad thing!

We would never be able to do it for a human though. Not because we don’t like them. It’s because most of the time we have to fight the phone off Poosa.

Poosa Eats Phone

Image courtesy of Indi.ca.


Toy Cat Causes Panic

In an amusing attempt to scare people, one of our readers put out a toy cat. This was a joke, and a way of seeing how stupid the humans are.

Check out the story here.


Penguin in Trouble!


Man leads car chase over dead cat

'I'm not dead you fool, I'm just waking up'

Cnews link

Cat bin woman found!

Here at The Weekly Cat we are proud to announce that the evil cat bin woman has been found. Though she will probably get away with what she did, all cats have been warned of who she is so, they can be aware of her in future.

Cats to get an image makeover

'I'm not sure this is what they have in mind'

In the first of a new series, Garfield kicks off our celebrity cats.

Garfield Profile

'They'll never know, will they?'

Furry victims of the recession

I suppose I could share...but only cats.

'Nope, not in here. But there might be a biscuit'