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Fight Back…or Hide…

There’s been a lot of news on missing cats, and some people think it might be coyotes. You can read more about it here. Obviously this isn’t the case in all areas. But if you are in these dangerous locations, here are some tips.

1) Go around in groups

2) Run

3) Fight back

4) Hide

5) Trick them with cat magic

Better still though. If you live in an area where there might be coyotes, just don’t go out. If your owners open the doors, close it in their face. Stay safe cat friends.

For a more visual guide.

Alone = Bad


Photo courtesy of ASHISH1987.

Hiding together = Good

Stuff on cats

Photo courtesy of Mihnea.


Hundreds of gorilla’s go for a run

Our reporter gets up close to one of the runners

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